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Re: tooltip custom group: duplicate labels

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: tooltip custom group: duplicate labels
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 16:22:10 +1300

 > Now after adding the group name `gud' to the GUD tooltips customize
 > variables, the group `gud' contains the following misleading labels:
 > GUD modes: Show Value
 > GUD buffers predicate: Show Value
 > Among other GUD-related options they don't indicate that really they
 > are used for tooltips.

The doc strings explain that.

 > I suggest removing their tags to show unambiguous labels that have the
 > word "tooltip".

Sounds fine to me as I don't see the point of using tags here anyway, except
perhaps to give the node a shorter name.  Variable names are generally chosen
to be self explanatory.  Since the hyphens are removed in the node name, its
hard to tell whether it's derived from the variable name or comes from a tag.
This just seems to provide another level of obfuscation.

 > > and moved tooltip-mode and gud-tooltip-mode forward so that they
 > > appear first in their part of the customize buffers.  I think the
 > > first question to ask is "Do you want the mode on or off".
 > I think you are right.  The first option in a customization group
 > should turn the whole mode on/off.  But the same problem exists in
 > many other mode customization groups.  Moving `define-minor-mode' to be
 > before all `defcustom' definitions in these modes would be a lot of work.
 > Perhaps there should be some generic solution, e.g. using a heuristic
 > to place an option with the substring "-mode" before other options in
 > the customization buffer or something like this.

This might not work in practice.  For example, the tooltip group has both
tooltip-mode and gud-tooltip-mode, the latter being quite secondary in


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