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Re: Flyspell context menu buggy

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Flyspell context menu buggy
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 12:06:57 -0500
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> The context menu created by flyspell on incorrect words works well if
> you press your mouse button, select an item keeping the mouse button
> pressed, and then release it.

> OTOH, if you single-click on an incorrect word, the menu remains after
> the button is released (which is the usual behavior for context
> menus). You can then click on one of the proposed entries, but then,
> this does two actions: correct the word, AND paste the kill-ring
> content. It should only correct the word, as it does if you don't
> release the button to select the entry in the menu.

Could you describe more precisely?  E.g. which button do you press, which
toolkit, which version of Emacs, ...?

The usual problem that causes such an effect is that some elisp code reads
both the mouse-down and mouse-up events, pushes the mouse-up event back on
the queue and then executes the mouse-down event which pops the menu.
The problem with that is that the mouse-up event should never be seen by
elisp, it should be eaten by the toolkit instead.

We've had such reports in the past and IIRC we had corrected it.


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