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Links in Help buffer

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Links in Help buffer
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 11:23:49 +1300

If you do:

1) C-h f display-buffer <RET>
2) Click on pop-up-frames
3) Click on customize
4) Click on the [back] button in the Help buffer

you get the error:

apply: Symbol's function definition is void: nil

This is because help-xref-stack has been set back to nil by clicking on

In help-mode.el:

(define-button-type 'help-customize-face
  :supertype 'help-xref
  'help-function (lambda (v)
                   (if help-xref-stack
                       (pop help-xref-stack))
                   (customize-face v))
  'help-echo (purecopy "mouse-2, RET: customize face"))

The error goes away if help-xref-stack is not popped but the ChangeLog says:

2000-05-09  Dave Love  <address@hidden>

        Changes mostly following Richard Sharman <address@hidden>.

        * help.el (describe-variable): Have customize button pop the
        help-xref stack when invoked.

Does anybody know why this is necessary?


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