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config.guess and config.sub update request

From: NAKAJI Hiroyuki
Subject: config.guess and config.sub update request
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 23:17:55 +0900


The config.guess and config.sub are updated at

Please update these two files in Emacs tree.


On FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT, the behavior of uname(1) and uname(3) are
changed, for example,

        uname -m  uname -p
i386:     i386      i386
pc98:     pc98      i386

Before this change, "uname -m" on pc98 also prints "i386".

This influences on system detection in configure script.

Here is an output of configure,

checking build system type... pc98-unknown-freebsd7.0
checking host system type... pc98-unknown-freebsd7.0

But, because Emacs tree only knows "i386-*-freebsd*", this
"pc98-unknown-freebsd7.0" causes configure error like this,

creating lib-src/Makefile
In file included from junk.c:6:
../src/config.h:961:25: m/.h: No such file or directory
creating src/Makefile
In file included from junk.c:11:
config.h:961:25: m/.h: No such file or directory

The latest config.guess and config.sub avoids this misconfiguration,
so please update them.

NAKAJI Hiroyuki

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