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Re: describe-char

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: describe-char
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 16:57:00 +1300

 > Now I see a new argument `buf' was added to `describe-char' in CVS.
 > This doesn't work even for normal uses of the help buffer.  Clicking
 > on any link in the help buffer created by `describe-char' and going
 > back produces nonsense, because it tries to restore the old contents
 > based on the old position in the new contents of the help buffer.

I made two commits within a couple of hours. Have you picked up the latest
version of descr-text.el (1.48)?

 > OTOH, I've tested that saving the whole old contents as a string
 > works flawlessly in the help buffer for all links.  Are there reasons

Yes, it certainly seemed to work when I tested it too.  However, I can see
Stefan's point that it would be more consistent to make describe-char work
like the other cases.  If my latest patch is still buggy, then I think we
should fix that.


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