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Re: font-lock-add-keywords in hi-lock.el

From: Bill Wohler
Subject: Re: font-lock-add-keywords in hi-lock.el
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 16:54:55 -0800

Juri Linkov <address@hidden> wrote:

> >> Do you use Hi-Lock (either by putting global-hi-lock-mode in .emacs
> >> or by using highlight-regexp or other hi-lock functions)?
> >
> > Not explicitly. Here are my buffers and their modes. I just fired up
> > Gnus with this set and the highlighting was off. Do you know if any of
> > the modes listed below might be triggering the bug?
> I see nothing to suspect in the buffer list.
> Could you look at the value of `font-lock-keywords' in the Gnus buffer
> where highlighting is off.

Thank you!

I just went a couple of days without reproducing, but it happened pretty
quickly just now (after reading some mail with MH-E--hmmmm).

font-lock-keywords in the affected Gnus buffers is (t nil).

I see this too:

    font-lock-keywords is a variable defined in `font-lock.el'.
    Its value is (t nil)

    Local in buffer *Apropos*; global value is (t nil)

When life is good, I observed that it's normally nil in those buffers.

Now, armed with that information, I find that when I quit Gnus, run

  (set-default 'font-lock-keywords nil)

and then fire up Gnus again, the fonts are OK.

If I quit Gnus, run:

  (set-default 'font-lock-keywords '(t nil))?

And then fire up Gnus again, the fonts are again AWOL. Who's calling that?

Is that enough information to find the culprit, or is there a watch I
can put on the global value of font-lock-keywords which will print a
stacktrace or enter the debugger when it is changed?

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