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Re: telnet-mode with plink doesn't track input fields

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: telnet-mode with plink doesn't track input fields
Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 15:05:03 -0700 (PDT)

Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Windows to Solaris, within Emacs.  Since plink has a different command
> > line syntax than telnet (in particular, it requires a host argument),
> > I've defined my own Emacs command copied from M-x telnet to call "plink
> > -telnet HOST" (see below).
> It won't answer your main question, but have you tried M-x rlogin to solve
> the arg-format problem?

I don't know why it works, since rlogin's doc string says

        (rlogin INPUT-ARGS &optional BUFFER)
        The variable `rlogin-explicit-args' is a list of arguments to give to
        the rlogin when starting.  They are added after any arguments given in

and plink says

        Usage: plink [options] address@hidden [command]

i.e. that plink's options have to precede the host, whereas rlogin passes
rlogin-explicit-args after it.  But it does work (meaning my commands are
properly highlited in the *rlogin-HOST* buffer and M-p inserts the previous
command at the proper point in the buffer):

(let ((rlogin-program "c:/Program Files/PuTTY 0.58/PLINK.EXE")
      (rlogin-explicit-args '("-telnet")))
  (rlogin "solaris.example.com"))


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