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Re: Segmentation fault using font '7x13bold'

From: Chris Moore
Subject: Re: Segmentation fault using font '7x13bold'
Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 14:42:33 +0200

I chroot'ed into my debian sid partition, where I have an older
version of Emacs, built from CVS, but earlier: GNU Emacs
(i686-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.8.12) of 2006-03-09.  Using the
same X server as previously, the simple test case no longer crashes.
The accented 'e' character appears very small - 3 pixel wide by 5
pixels tall - even though the font is set to 9x15.  Typing other
characters around it produces regular 9x15 characters.

C-u C-x = shows:

character: é (3945, #o7551, #xf69, U+00E9)
  charset: latin-iso8859-15
           (Right-Hand Part of Latin Alphabet 9 (ISO/IEC 8859-15): ISO-IR-203.)
code point: #x69
   syntax: w  which means: word
 category: l:Latin
buffer code: #x8E #xE9
file code: ESC #x2C #x62 #x69 (encoded by coding system iso-2022-7bit)
  display: by this font (glyph code)
   -Misc-Fixed-Medium-R-Normal--6-60-75-75-C-40-ISO8859-15 (#xE9)

I'll update from CVS in the sid chroot and see how the current CVS sources fare.

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