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Re: Loading an output from prin1 (savehist bug).

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Loading an output from prin1 (savehist bug).
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 10:23:20 -0400
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>> >   If some code output command-history with prin1 then try to load it
>> >   back, the # things will cause parse errors.
>> We can't alter that.  I see a few possible solutions:
>> 1. Don't put markers into arguments to interactive commands,
>> except thru the specific functions (point), (mark), etc.,
>> which go into command-history as calls to those functions.
>> 2. Fix programs such as bbdb-create and savehist to find
>> such markers and replace them with nil.
>> 3. Create a more general mechanism for commands to specify
>> how to record calls to them in command-history.
>> Solution #1 seems simplest; is there any reason why you need to put
>> these markers in args to commands?

I think those uses of prin1 really call for some way to reliably print data
in a lisp-readable form.  I.e. a variant of prin1 (or a way to tell prin1)
that ignores print-depth and friends and which signals an error when it
encounters an element that it can't print readably (e.g. a marker, a hash
table, ...).


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