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(eval-after-load "info" ..) triggers on loading anything-info

From: Martin Schoenmakers
Subject: (eval-after-load "info" ..) triggers on loading anything-info
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 20:23:48 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.11 (Gnus v5.11) Emacs/22.0.50 (gnu/linux)

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Please describe exactly what actions triggered the bug
and the precise symptoms of the bug:

As of very recent CVS builds emacs mutters on startup about 'Recursive
`require' for feature `sb-info''. Some digging around revealed that
this in turn was triggered from loading emms-info.el due to an
(eval-after-load "info" '(require 'sb-info)). The recursive requires
are triggered by the same line, which lives just before the relevant
provide in sb-info.el.

It appears that an entry in after-load-alist starts with a 'word
boundary'. Presumably this means foo-info.el is matched by an
eval-after-load for "info" as well. I'm not sure this would be
desirable behaviour, hence this report.

Thank you for providing an otherwise splendid product.

Martin Schoenmakers

If emacs crashed, and you have the emacs process in the gdb debugger,
please include the output from the following gdb commands:
    `bt full' and `xbacktrace'.
If you would like to further debug the crash, please read the file
/usr/share/emacs/22.0.50/etc/DEBUG for instructions.

In GNU Emacs (i686-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.8.12)
 of 2006-05-25 on cocytus
X server distributor `Gentoo (The X.Org Foundation 6.8.2, revision r7-0.1.13)', 
version 11.0.60802000
configured using `configure '--prefix=/usr' '--host=i686-pc-linux-gnu' 
'--mandir=/usr/share/man' '--infodir=/usr/share/info' '--datadir=/usr/share' 
'--sysconfdir=/etc' '--localstatedir=/var/lib' 
'--program-suffix=.emacs-22.0.50' '--without-carbon' '--with-x' '--with-xpm' 
'--with-toolkit-scroll-bars' '--with-jpeg' '--with-tiff' '--with-gif' 
'--with-png' '--with-x-toolkit=gtk' '--build=i686-pc-linux-gnu' 'CFLAGS= -O2' 
'build_alias=i686-pc-linux-gnu' 'host_alias=i686-pc-linux-gnu''

Important settings:
  value of $LC_ALL: nil
  value of $LC_COLLATE: C
  value of $LC_CTYPE: nil
  value of $LC_MESSAGES: nil
  value of $LC_MONETARY: nil
  value of $LC_NUMERIC: nil
  value of $LC_TIME: nil
  value of $LANG: en_US
  locale-coding-system: iso-8859-1
  default-enable-multibyte-characters: t

Major mode: Emacs-Lisp

Minor modes in effect:
  eldoc-mode: t
  shell-dirtrack-mode: t
  global-auto-revert-mode: t
  show-paren-mode: t
  auto-image-file-mode: t
  senator-minor-mode: t
  which-function-mode: t
  semantic-idle-summary-mode: t
  semantic-idle-scheduler-mode: t
  tooltip-mode: t
  mouse-wheel-mode: t
  menu-bar-mode: t
  file-name-shadow-mode: t
  global-font-lock-mode: t
  font-lock-mode: t
  blink-cursor-mode: t
  unify-8859-on-encoding-mode: t
  utf-translate-cjk-mode: t
  auto-compression-mode: t
  line-number-mode: t
  transient-mark-mode: t
  abbrev-mode: t
  view-mode: t

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