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Re: comint / gdb file name completion with spaces in its path

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: comint / gdb file name completion with spaces in its path
Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 16:06:39 +0100

On 26 May 2006, at 00:35, Nick Roberts wrote:

It seems that `comint-dynamic-complete-filename' is used, and that
this function fails to do its job for filenames with spaces in them.

I verified that this is indeed the case with a current CVS Emacs.

You previously reported the same problem with find-file and that was
changed.  Right?

Yes, I produced a patch for this. It's a separate keymap for filenames, which doesn't link space to `complete-word'.

I think this case is more difficult because:

Run gdb (like this): gdb --annotate=3 /Applications/System Preferences...

also uses spaces that aren't part of the filename.

Would it be possible to ask for parameters and filenames separately?

That's because it's parsed in gud-common-init with split-string, not in a

A shell with completion would automatically quote the filename if that is necessary. Maybe this can be done as well when interactively prompting for the gdb arguments? The tokenizer you mention would have to be able to deal with quoted arguments.

- D

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