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Re: 1. No doc for `help-mode-setup'. 2. Why do temp-buffer*-hook use hel

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: 1. No doc for `help-mode-setup'. 2. Why do temp-buffer*-hook use help-mode?
Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 20:29:43 -0400
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> help-mode stuff by default? Is that correct? Why does Emacs assume
> that with-output-to-temp-buffer is dealing with a help buffer? The doc
> for with-output-to-temp-buffer says nothing about help-mode or a help
> buffer - it seems to advertise the special form as being completely
> general.

Agreed.  It all feels fairly quirky.  I think someone needs to think hard
about how to clean it up (post-22).  Most likely the best way to make it
cleaner is to start by renaming with-output-to-temp-buffer: the buffer isn't
temporary (at least not in the usual sense, as in with-temp-buffer).
And help-mode-setup should probably be called directly rather than via
temp-buffer-setup-hook (after all, hooks are not supposed to contain such
"always there" functions).


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