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Re: Swap GUD fringe/margin mouse-2 and mouse-3 bindings

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Swap GUD fringe/margin mouse-2 and mouse-3 bindings
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 11:08:09 +1200

 > Something like this:
 > In buffer I have something like 
 >     if (a == b->c->d) ...;
 > I would like to be able to "click" on "a" to see the value of a (in
 > message area), on "b" to see value of b, somewhere on "->c" to
 > see value of b->c and on "d" to see value of "b->c->d".

Currently, you can select "a" as a region, then on the gud-print tool bar icon
to print the value of a (in the GUD buffer), select "b" to see value of b,
select "b->c" to see value of b->c and select "b->c->d" to see value of

But you seem to be saying bind a mouse event to gud-print and change how it
parses expressions.  Mouse-1 is needed for normal use of the source buffer,
like editing.

 > It could be enhanced to
 >    (((a) + b) + c)
 > so that clicking on the first ) shows value of (a), on second ) shows
 > value of ((a) + b) and on last ) shows value of whole expression.
 > Well, just sort of SWIM (show what I mean)  :-)

Expressions aren't always bracketed.  Parsing an expression can be quite
complex as gud-find-c-expr shows.  By selecting the user can ensure he
gets exactly what he wants.

 > Alternatively:
 > A way to toggle gud tool-tips in the GUD toolbar (I don't want them
 > enabled all the time).

You can currently toggle them from the menu bar.  With 80 columns and starting
with "--fullname" there's no room left on my tool bar.

 > Make gud tooltips use gud-find-c-expr instead of
 > tooltip-identifier-from-point.

I agree that tooltip-identifier-from-point doesn't always do what you want
but it's safe.  Gud-print will call procedures e.g abort (), which you
wouldn't want to happen if the mouse just lingered too long over it.

tooltip-identifier-from-point could be enhanced if you specified all the
differences between existing behaviour and desired behaviour.

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

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