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Re: Scrollbars ?

From: Stephan Hennig
Subject: Re: Scrollbars ?
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 18:52:26 +0200
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Kim F. Storm schrieb:

> Emacs adjusts the size of the scroll bar handle to reflect the
> percentage of the buffer text which is visible in the current window.
> The calculation is based on number of characters rather than lines, so
> the handle changes size quite dramatically as you scroll if you have a
> mixture of lots of empty lines and long lines.
> It's a rather uncommon way to do this, but that's how it's always been.

Sorry for dropping in. On 2005-02-28 I sent another scrollbar related
bug report to this list, but never got any response
Item (ii) of that bug report might be related to the behavior you
described above. The bad news is, the other three remaining issues are
still present in the Emacs version I'm currently using.

The same holds for this bug report
-- no response, still present.

Another recently sent bug report again didn't raise any response
It contains version information of my current setup (Windows OS).

I sent those bug reports here since I'm using a prebuilt CVS version of
Emacs. If this is the wrong list for those bugs could you please suggest
another list?

Stephan Hennig

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