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Re: Scrollbars ?

From: Stephan Hennig
Subject: Re: Scrollbars ?
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2006 11:51:42 +0200
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Richard Stallman schrieb:

> What does "size of the scrollbar" mean? Do you mean the size of the 
> handle?

Sorry, I meant the scrollbar handle in that bug report when writing

>     Symptoms:
>     (i) While dragging the scrollbar and scrolling down slowly the window
>     content wobbles vertically. This can be best seen when reaching the end
>     of the file.
> What does "wobbles vertically" mean?

When dragging the handle and moving it down (or up, but without changing
direction during the operation) the contents of the window does not
always move up. While dragging the handle the contents sometimes moves
down again and then up again.

>     (ii) When dragging to the end of a file and releasing the scrollbar the
>     size of the scrollbar changes.
> That changes because the number of visible characters changes.

Yes, that's how I read Kim's mail. It's ok, once you know what's going on.

>     (iii) Then clicking on the scrollbar causes the bar to shift up every
>     time you click.
> What button did you use, and where?

I clicked the scrollbar handle on the right of Emacs' frame. The handle
changes its position (it moves up) when clicking on it. If you like, I
can try to make a short video sequence that could possibly compensate
for my bad English.

Stephan Hennig

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