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RE: redisplay-dont-pause is not mentioned in the Emacs manual

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: redisplay-dont-pause is not mentioned in the Emacs manual
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 15:04:32 -0700

    > As I said, none are incorrect.

    I know that, but are they inaccurate or unclear?

I would leave them as is, and clarify instead 1) by adding a general
section, as you suggested, and 2) in the description of
`redisplay-dont-pause', where this understanding seems important. And maybe
remove "eventually", because it can give the impression that redisplay is
not immediate after input.

    >       a full redisplay does happen eventually--after all the input has
    >       been processed." (node Refresh Screen)
    > "After" doesn't mean "immediately after", to me.

    Computers don't know how to wait, except in idle loops, and as soon as
    we enter idleness, redisplay is called.

Redisplay could occur on a schedule, barring preemption. Or it could occur
only if code determines that it is needed. These could make it so that it
does not occur until its next "time" of occurrence. What do I know? That was
my (mistaken) impression.

    >     That idle loop is where redisplay happens.  (Timers also
    >     fire there,
    >     btw.)  That is, redisplay is entered only when Emacs is idle.
    > "only" _and_ "as soon as", apparently.

    Again, this is a machine, it does every thing ``immediately'' after
    its predecessor.

Nothing implies that it does it immediately _after input_. It might be
triggered by some other condition or event. Just because it is a machine
doesn't mean that user input determines when this happens.

If you understand how it works, as you said, it might be hard for you to
understand how someone might read this stuff differently and come to a
misunderstanding. Yes, you probably do "know too much" to get confused.

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