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Re: Region undo is rather unusable

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Region undo is rather unusable
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2006 11:59:37 -0400

    Take a buffer and do a dozen editing operations, insertion, deletion,
    stuff like that, on various points of the buffer.  The description for
    undo says:

Please provide a precise test case.

    Now put a region into transient mark mode (mark one end with C-SPC
    and the other with C-u C-x C-x).  Try repeated undo with C-/.  The
    problem is that after each undo, point gets moved to some wild other
    place, and so the region changes from undo to undo.

When you start undo-in-region, it computes the list of things you can
undo.  Subsequent repetitions of the undo command just take from that
list.  So the fact that point moves will not affect the sequence
of changes to be undone.

Of course, it could be that there is a bug and this doesn't really
work.  But we need a precise test case to debug it.

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