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vertical-motion fails when tab in line

From: David Reitter
Subject: vertical-motion fails when tab in line
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2006 23:57:14 +0100

There's a bug in `vertical-motion' which will cause it to move the point not to the beginning of the next (visual) line when called with argument 1, but just a few characters to the right in the current line. This occurs iff there is a Tab in the line, as illustrated by the two screenshots attached.

The first screenshot shows the point at the leftmost character in the second visual line of a wrapped line. (could be a few characters to the right.)

PNG image

Then we call (vertical-motion 1). The point doesn't move to where it should (see screenshot 2).

PNG image

Another call to (vertical-motion 1) finally moves the cursor to the right position.

To reproduce, take a scratch buffer, enter a few lines of text wich will be wrapped and contain one (or more?) tabs. Place cursor near the end of a wrapped line, but not too far towards the end, and call M-: (vertical-motion 1).

Tried this in Aquamacs (based on very recent GNU CVS) and as well with a vanilla CVS build (Carbon port on OS X) with a fixed-width font.

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