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Re: M-x term off-by-one problem in ESC[xM processing?

From: Mark Plaksin
Subject: Re: M-x term off-by-one problem in ESC[xM processing?
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 14:57:59 -0400
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Mark Plaksin <address@hidden> writes:

> Hiho:
> - Save the attached file as 'testfile'
> - Create a 125x23 M-x term window (same problem with 80x23) .
> - At the shell prompt, run 'vi testfile' with the attached file 
> - Type C-d to tell vi to scroll down
> - The first line will contain "12" and you'll see that the line for "22" is
> blank.  That blank line is the problem.
> The problem seems to be in term-delete-lines (or the argument passed to it
> from the `M' case of term-handle-ansi-escape).  In edebug these lines from
> term-delete-lines move point down one too few lines and then insert a
> newline which wipes out "22":
>     (term-down (- term-scroll-end save-current-row lines))
>     (term-insert-char ?\n lines)

Adding '(forward-line 1)' after those two lines fixes the test case for me
but I'm not sure whether it's the right fix.

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