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RE: dired listing is case-sensitive on MS Windows

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: dired listing is case-sensitive on MS Windows
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 14:34:49 -0700

    > I think that the default behavior for MS Windows users should be
    > case-insensitive. People who have other habits (;-)) or
    > special needs such as you describe can use `ls-lisp-ignore-case'
    > to adjust.

    When this came up here, most Windows users on this list disagreed with

That doesn't make them right.

Default values should be those expected by users, including novices - those
values most appropriate to users who will not think to customize Emacs.

People "on this list" (pretest-bug?) can customize to get the values they
prefer - myself included. We are not representative of the average Emacs
user on Windows, let alone new Windows users.

If, as on Windows, no distinction is made between file names FOOBAR and
foobar, then why should the former be way near the top of the dired listing
and the latter be way near the bottom? Why should fooBar2 come before
foobar1? If you are unsure of the letter case (irrelevant to Windows,
anyway), then you must _search_ to find a file, instead of just picking it
out alphabetically.

 "I'm used to look for upper-case file names near the beginning
 of the directory listing, like they are on Unix."

People who work with Dired listings that way on Windows must have some
special consideration in mind. That is not the way people are used to
working with file listings in Windows (e.g. Windows Explorer). Windows users
are used to looking for file names in alphabetic order, without distinction
of letter case.

Why look for a file in multiple places, depending on the case of its name?
FOOBAR, Foobar, and foobar are the same thing (a priori) to Windows.

That said, this is not a new bug - the same behavior is in Emacs 20, alas.

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