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Re: mouse-autoselect-window with menu pane

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: mouse-autoselect-window with menu pane
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 23:15:07 -0400

     > While this might seem fairly innocuous, it bites in the more frequent
     > situation where you momentarily leave the menu pane before returning
     > to select an entry.  So, instead of releasing mouse-1 after the
     > autoselect timeout, move back into the Help menu pane and select About
     > Emacs.  The action occurs in the upper window, not the lower window
     > which was selected when you opened the Help menu.  So, it seems that
     > by being outside the menu pane when the autoselect timeout occurs,
     > autoselection is performed.  I think it is sensible to suppress
     > autoselection in this case (ie, reschedule the delay).

I agree.  I think that autoselection should not occur while the menu
bar menus are active, even if the mouse temporarily moves out of the menus.

    If I wanted to do this, I'd have to intercept `x_activate_menubar',
    detect whether the `mouse-autoselect-window-timer' timer is active, and
    kill it.  As a consequenece autoselection would be cancelled as soon as
    the user accesses the menubar.  Rescheduling the timer seems hardly
    feasible since it would almost certainly break the behavior for users
    with a smaller delay.

I don't think that is right either.  Whenever the menu bar menus cease
to be active, autoselection should resume.  An outcome where the mouse
remains for a longg time in the upper window but the lower window remains
selected is not correct.

But it would be good to restart the delay when the menus become
inactive, so as to give the user a chance to move the mouse back to
the lower window.

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