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Re: mouse-autoselect-window with menu pane

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: mouse-autoselect-window with menu pane
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 23:01:59 +0200
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> Thanks, seems to work under X.  Do you need (fboundp
> 'menu-or-popup-active-p)?

I'll remove that.

> I'm not sure if waiting on average (1.5 * delay) is better than (0.5 *
> delay), but it's fine by me as it is.

I've been driven by the consideration that waiting at least (1.0 *
delay) is better than at least (0.0 * delay).  But it doesn't seem to
work on Macs anyway.

> What did you think of treating the scroll-bars in the same way?  (That is,
> suspend autoselection if scrolling.)

I could write

         ((or (menu-or-popup-active-p)
              (not (coordinates-in-window-p
                    (cons mouse-x-position mouse-y-position) window)))
          ;; A menu / popup dialog is active or the mouse is on the scroll-bar.
          ;; Suspend autoselection.
          (setq mouse-autoselect-window-suspend t))

in `mouse-autoselect-window-select'. Or did you think of something more

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