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RE: single-key-description no good for Japanese and Chinese chars

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: single-key-description no good for Japanese and Chinese chars
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 08:49:47 -0700

    > Er, yes. I already wrote what I see - descriptions such as this:

    >  "Character set Big5 (Level-1) A141-C67F"

    > I'm picking up the keys by mapping over the keymaps
    accessible from the
    > global-map (in emacs -q, for example). There are tons of such
    keys for which
    > `single-key-description' gives a description such as I have indicated.

    I believe there is a confusion then: those bindings are not for specific
    characters but for so-called "generic characters" which cover a whole
    charset at a time.  So the description is correct in the sense
    that which is
    bound is the whole charset rather than just one of the chars.

Right - Handa has explained that. Actually, IIUC, it is not the whole char
set, but just a generic char that is bound to self-insert-command. So, the
single-key description could be more precise and mention the character
group, but it cannot, in any case, describe a single character. I didn't
understand that originally.

    It does
    suffer from the bug you mentioned, tho: it can't be parsed back by kbd.

Yes, and, from what I think I understand, maybe it shouldn't be bound to
self-insert-command - see my previous email.

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