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Re: local chars displayed as numbers

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: local chars displayed as numbers
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 14:37:23 -0400
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>> I'm not sure this is right, because windows-1252 covers basically all bytes,
>> so there's no way to find out that a file is not in windows-1252.

> As Latin-1 (still) has a higher priority than windows-1252 (at least
> that's my understanding), windows-1252 will not be used unless there a
> bytes from the region x80-x9f.  (windows-1252 is a superset of Latin-1.
> They differ only this region, which is not used in Latin-1.)

Clearly, the issue is not latin-1 vs windows-1252, but windows-1252 vs

Maybe there won't be any harm to always use windows-1252 rather than
raw-text, but I'm not convinced, especially given the fact that in
a GNU/Linux environment files in windows-1252 encoding are rather uncommon
(email messages are another matter).

So I'd rather have a tool that explains what's going on, so that the user
can decide to use window-1252 if it's a good choice for her, rather than
force windows-1252 on all users most of whom won't ever edit a file with
window-1252 encoding.


PS: My remarks obviously assume a GNU/Linux environment.  Under w32, it
probably makes sense to place window-125x in the preferred coding systems,
just like it makes sense to put mac-roman under macosx.

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