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Re: GNU Emacs 22.0.50 fails to find ä in different ISO Latin encodings

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: GNU Emacs 22.0.50 fails to find ä in different ISO Latin encodings
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 00:54:49 +0200

Am 22.09.2006 um 13:27 schrieb Miles Bader:

Peter Dyballa <address@hidden> writes:
There is also the option to change the 'base' of the character code
notation from 8 to 16

This feature is supported; see the variable `read-quoted-char-radix'.

Right, it works a bit, i.e. in the ASCII range it works well. When it comes to ISO Latin it interprets all in ISO Latin-1, i.e. C-s C-q 0 0 a 4 RET searches in an ISO 8859-16 encoded buffer for CURRENCY UNIT although it is EURO in this case. A translation to the buffer local encoding obviously does not happen ...

(setq read-quoted-char-radix 16)
(setq read-quoted-char-charset 'ucs)

After applying your patch this behaviour does not change, it's still assumed that the encoding is ISO Latin-1. 00A4 is categorically ``¦ ´´. The improvement is that I can find via an Unicode value an ISO Latin encoded character – is this an improvement? The file code is A4 in any ISO Latin case, and the character is U+20AC in Unicode when in ISO Latin-10/ISO Latin-0 or ISO Latin-9. This looks like a Do What I Mean. Really not bad! But the real way should be C-s C-q 2 4 4 RET or C-s C-q A 4 RET or C-s C-q 1 6 4 RET (decimal), because it searches for the codes one expects in the encoded file, and which does not work.



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