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Re: single-key-description no good for Japanese and Chinese chars

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: single-key-description no good for Japanese and Chinese chars
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 21:02:59 -0400
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> Also, if self-insert-command is not necessarily intended to "Insert the
> character you type", as the doc string says, then maybe that could be
> explained a bit more somewhere?

It does exactly what the docstring say.  What you don't seem to understand
is that a char can be bound to self-insert-command via a keymap binding that
doesn't mention that char.

Basically, it's often easy to find the reverse mapping of a keymap (i.e. the
inverse function, if you think of the keymap as a function from keys to
commands), but it's not always that easy.  There are many special cases.

> I see now. How can I test for (all of) these cases? How can I test a key to
> see if it is one "that can be turned (more or less trivially) into" a char?

I'd ask a different question: why do you start from a keymap and use
map-keymap on it, rather than start with `charset-list' and generate the
complete set of valid chars from it?


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