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Re: Image scroll issue

From: Leo
Subject: Re: Image scroll issue
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2007 17:35:19 +0000
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* Chris Moore (2007-01-05 16:49 +0100) said:
>> Great!
>> Could you report this to the w3m maintainers.
> Sure.
> One thing I still don't understand, however, is why timer-list is
> nil when I check it from inside Emacs, but Lisp_Object Vtimer_list
> in keyboard.c contains the w3m timer when process.c calls
> keyboard.c's timer_check(1).  I thought Lisp's timer-list and C's
> Vtimer_list were just 2 names for the same data structure, but it
> seems I'm not seeing the full picture.

Thank you for all the testing. I have also seen the bug reported to

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