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Re: 4 week-old pretest bugs

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: 4 week-old pretest bugs
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2007 08:38:29 +0100
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Chris Moore skrev:

In my original report I mentioned that when I click the first icon,
one of three things happens:

1) Emacs aborts
2) I see "Xlib: unexpected async reply"
3) It works as expected

Your change seems to have eliminated number 3 in the above list.  It
now aborts almost every time I click the first icon, and about 1 in 4
times displays the Xlib error message.

Well, it is progress of some sort...

Incidentally, which file(s) did you edit?  I had a look at some
Changelog files but can't see anything that looks relevant.

I simply initialized some variables in keyboard.c (interrupt_input_blocked and interrupt_input_pending) which wasn't explicitly initialized.

Here's new output from gdb:

Thanks. Somehow the thread detection thingy isn't working correctly. While I try to figure this out, please try the patch suggested by YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu.

        Jan D.

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