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Re: query-replace-regexp slow for evaluated lisp expressions

From: Aaron S. Hawley
Subject: Re: query-replace-regexp slow for evaluated lisp expressions
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 17:00:20 -0500
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Chris Moore wrote:

I'm not confident about it.  It seems to be working well for me still,
but there's quite a lot of functionality available at the
query-replace prompt which I neither understand nor use.

All the replacement actions seem to work in my experience. The ones I tested were the ones in the help screen:

Query replacing regexp foo with foo.

Type Space or `y' to replace one match, Delete or `n' to skip to next,
RET or `q' to exit, Period to replace one match and exit,
Comma to replace but not move point immediately,
C-r to enter recursive edit (C-M-c to get out again),
C-w to delete match and recursive edit,
C-l to clear the screen, redisplay, and offer same replacement again,
! to replace all remaining matches with no more questions,
^ to move point back to previous match,
E to edit the replacement string

End quote.

This bug is really worth fixing. Otherwise, the lisp expression aspect of `query-replace-regexp' will behave /unnecessarily/ slow.


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