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Re: lisp/progmodes/gdb-ui.el

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: lisp/progmodes/gdb-ui.el
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 19:26:00 +1300

 > > Can you please find a way to get the full log?
 > attached (this is with the CVS head build from this morning)

There's still something odd because the first entry (at the end) is:

(send-item #1# gdb-info-breakpoints-handler) 

and all the initial commands at startup are missing (set height 0, set width 0
etc).  Below is part of a typical log that I get.  Also, for me, newlines are
printed with \n.  Maybe this isn't an issue, but the start of the log must
exist somewhere.

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

 (recv . "\n^Z^Zpre-prompt\n(gdb) \n^Z^Zprompt\n")
 (recv . "\n^Z^Zpost-prompt\nNo breakpoints or watchpoints.\n")
 (send-item "server info breakpoints\n" gdb-info-breakpoints-handler)
 (recv . "\n^Z^Zpre-prompt\n(gdb) \n^Z^Zprompt\n")
 (recv . "\n^Z^Zpost-prompt\n\n^Z^Zerror-begin\nNo stack.\n\n^Z^Zerror\n")
 (send-item "server info frame\n" gdb-frame-handler)
 (recv . "\n^Z^Zpre-prompt\n(gdb) \n^Z^Zprompt\n")
 (recv . "\n^Z^Zpost-prompt\nCurrent source file is myprog.c\nCompilation 
directory is /home/nickrob\nLocated in /home/nickrob/myprog.c\nContains 139 
lines.\nSource language is c.\nCompiled with DWARF 2 debugging 
format.\nIncludes preprocessor macro info.\n")
 (send-item "server info source\n" gdb-source-info)
 (recv . "\n^Z^Zpre-prompt\n(gdb) \n^Z^Zprompt\n")
 (recv . "\n^Z^Zpost-prompt\n53 }\n54   \n55    donowt (void)\n56       {\n57   
  int i;\n58      while (1)\n59     i = 4;\n60  }\n61   \n62    main (int argc, 
char** argv) {\n")
 (send-item "server list\n" ignore)
 (recv . "\n^Z^Zpre-prompt\n(gdb) \n^Z^Zprompt\n")
 (recv . "\n^Z^Zpost-prompt\nSource files for which symbols have been read 
in:\n\n\n\nSource files for which symbols will be read in on 
demand:\n\n/home/nickrob/myprint.c, /home/nickrob/myprog.c\n")
 (send-item "server info sources\n" gdb-set-gud-minor-mode-existing-buffers)
 (recv . "\n^Z^Zpre-prompt\n(gdb) \n^Z^Zprompt\n")
 (recv . "\n^Z^Zpost-prompt\n")
 (send-item "set width 0\n" ignore)
 (recv . "\n^Z^Zpre-prompt\n(gdb) \n^Z^Zprompt\n")
 (recv . "\n^Z^Zpost-prompt\n")
 (send-item "set height 0\n" ignore)
 (recv . "\n^Z^Zpre-prompt\n(gdb) \n^Z^Zprompt\n")
 (recv . "^Z^Zpost-prompt\n^error,msg=\"Undefined mi command: stack-info-frame 
(missing implementation)\"\n(gdb) \n")
 (recv . "\n")
 (send-item "server interpreter mi -stack-info-frame\n" gdb-get-version))

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