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Re: gdb adds random filename to command

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: gdb adds random filename to command
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 11:08:45 +1300

 > I use makefiles for a project to open emacs with etags and a preconfigured
 > gud-gdb-command-name.  When using emacs as an IDE, this makes my life
 > easier... especially since in real life, my gud command has a filename
 > a lot more complicated than /tmp/foo:
 > gdb --annotate=3 
 > /projects/dl/cvstrunk/shared/sw/gvu/bin/fc6debug1_singlethread/gvu
 > I don't like typing that long filename.  If the new behavior is not a bug 
 > that will be fixed,
 > any suggestions for getting the old behavior?

I don't know the exact details but maybe, in your lisp file, you could put:

(setq default-directory 

Emacs doesn't add a random filename, as you suggest, but the most recently
compiled executable, so it might even find your executable in this case.  If
not, you will only have to type gvu.

I think gud-gdb-command-name was never meant to include the executable, it just
worked.  The reason for not including it, I guess, is that users generally want
to debug more than one filename.  I think that, generally, the convenience of
Emacs guessing the right name of the executable is greateer than the
inconvenience of guessing the wrong one.

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

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