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RE: Unused variable in mouse.el: make-cursor-line-fully-visible

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Unused variable in mouse.el: make-cursor-line-fully-visible
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 09:52:30 -0800

> > Here's another unused binding, also in `mouse-drag-track'. It seems that
> > this code is called only for its side effect. Is there a reason
> > to bind the result?
> Looks like a witty way of calling a function inside a let* binding.

I don't see why. I thought maybe point needed to be set at that point so
that subsequent bindings would have the right value, but I don't see that
being done - no subsequent binding examines (point), AFAICT.

I suspect that at one time a subsequent binding tested point, and that value
depended on point having been previously set by the `_' binding code. I
don't see that this is the case now. Perhaps I'm missing something, however.

"Witty ways" should generally be documented by comments. One person's
"clever!" is another, later maintainer's "huh?".

Even naming the variable `ignored' instead of `_' improves readability (but
still doesn't address the question raised).

The bound variable is unused. Even if the function did in fact need to be
called before subsequent bindings were made (which I don't see), the clean
way to do that is with a nested `let'. If a single `let' is better for some
reason for performance (or some other reason), then a comment is in order,
explaining why such a "witty" binding is employed.

> > Also, the code for `mouse-drag-track' is not indented correctly.
> > Please use `M-q' on it. See, e.g., this code starting at line 1043:
> Thanks, I fixed the whitespace.


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