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Re: (setq tool-bar-button-margin 0) makes GTK Emacs go crazy

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: (setq tool-bar-button-margin 0) makes GTK Emacs go crazy
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 19:04:47 +0100
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Katsumi Yamaoka skrev:
> Hi,
> I recently built Emacs configured with the --with-gtk option and
> noticed I must not set `tool-bar-button-margin' to zero (I do so
> for LUCID Emacs to make the tool bar compact).  It causes Emacs
> to go on and off wildly.  If you try it, launch another Emacs.
> Although it might be impossible to make `tool-bar-button-margin'
> and `tool-bar-button-relief' affect the GTK tool bar, I hope it
> is improved in the future.

tool-bar-button-relief will probably not bel implemented for the Gtk version
of Emacs.  The main point for having Gtk in Emacs in the first place, IMHO, is
that it looks like the rest of the Gtk/Gnome applications, and shall reflect
the theme you choose on a desktop level.  We are not quite there yet.

tool-bar-button-margin to zero was a bug, I've fixed that.  However, the
default for Gtk is 0, it looks best.

        Jan D.

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