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Re: 'C-x 4 a' broken in diff buffer

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: 'C-x 4 a' broken in diff buffer
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 22:34:28 +1300

 > Hmm... are you sure it worked in Emacs-21?


 > There has been changes in this part of the code, but IIRC they're
 > fairly minor.  And in any case we've never made use of the text added by the
 > "-p" flag.

No, but maybe the text is inadvertantly used in trying to match up the

 > If you can find a case that works in Emacs-21 and fails now, it's probably
 > a bug, but then you'll need to give us a precise recipe.

I've already given one.

Evaluate (setq diff-switches "-cp")

Put the diff that I sent earlier in a file temp.diff and 'C-x 4 a" behaves as I

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