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RE: write-region is mishandling an error

From: Richard Bielawski
Subject: RE: write-region is mishandling an error
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 09:00:36 -0600

Possibly,  I don't have the tools you speak of to tell.

But then where is the data going?

If the filename was simply being truncated but the data was still being
written then I suppose I'd believe no 'error' occurred; that the OS
simply sees the : as a file name terminator and continues successfully.

But the file is empty.  So it seems I'm also being asked to believe that
subsequent write operations are also not getting errors.  Being a
programmer myself I can't help but find a claim that data is being
discarded by a modern OS without error hard to believe.

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Subject: Re: write-region is mishandling an error

    Which creates an empty file named "Test at 12" and no error occurs.
    Initially I didn't notice that the filename was truncated.
    Once I did I realized that : is illegal in a file name.
    Some kind of error must be occurring that isn't being reported.

If you run under a debugger with a breakpoint at Fsignal you will see
if any Emacs Lisp error occurs.  I suspect you will find there is none;
I suspect that Windows truncates the file name without complaining.

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