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Re: CUA/delete-selection-mode and remapped keys incompatibility

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: CUA/delete-selection-mode and remapped keys incompatibility
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 00:28:29 +0000

On 9 Feb 2007, at 22:30, Kim F. Storm wrote:

It does not apply to just self-insert-command.  What if you also
created slime-kill-line, slime-yank, slime-next-word, etc.  None of
these would call self-insert-command, but they would still have to be
marked suitably to interact seamlessly with CUA and d-s-m.

I see.

The problem is that if the writer of slime mode is not aware of the
necessity to interact with CUA or delete-selection-mode, documenting
the interface wouldn't really help (until some user complains of stuff
not working with e.g. CUA)...

To make people aware, there should be a section detailing what it takes to implement interactive commands that operate on a buffer. Maybe this already exists somewhere...

To sum up:

- You require that every externally supplied interactive command needs to be encoded to work with CUA and d-s-m, with a sensible default set.

- This also means that replacing `self-insert-command' with one's own function in some keymap and calling self-insert-command from that function will not yield the same result. This is counter-intuitive.

It doesn't seem like we can come up with a technical solution. I don't want to keep anyone from working on the release, so I'll shut up here. I suggest proper documentation of this class of cases though.


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