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Re: please use ?\u2014 instead of the unicode character inbuff-menu.el

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: Re: please use ?\u2014 instead of the unicode character inbuff-menu.el
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 02:05:35 +0100

On 2/19/07, Drew Adams <address@hidden> wrote:

I don't intend to establish a line. Judgement is needed, perhaps
case by case.

That still doesn't help the user who doesn't know what your decision was.

What I said, in an earlier mail, was this:

I know. I've said that I know what you were arguing for.

Good question, and one that I raised in response to Eli's mail.

Excuse me for not reading the threads in the order that would be more
convenient to you ;-)

Maybe we should say explicitly that all code should be
downloaded using a Unicode encoding - I don't know.

I'm not sure *we* should do it, in the sense that people who downloads
code from their browser is bound to learn sooner or later that it is a
bad idea to ignore encodings.

We will have to live with it, until the world (including Emacs
;-)) is Unicode through and through.

Not doing anything is a way to "live wit it". Making it easier for the
user to continue to ignore the issue is not helpful, long term.

Our best recourse, at least in this transitional period, is to
be aware of the potential gotchas and use our best judgement to
help users avoid problems. That's all; I don't have a better
suggestion than that. Maybe someone else does.

I agree. I just don't think the problem of people downloading a wrong
copy of buff-menu.el is really pressing. I'd say most people gets
Emacs in full, either from a source tarball, a binary package or CVS.

No, the fix for the problem that I reported is to use an escape
sequence in buff-menu.el.

I was referring, obviously, to the general problem, not the specific
buff-menu.el issue. You say that you weren't talking about the general
problem, so let's leave it at that.

This sideline discussion (this problem that you are apparently
struggling with, and that you think I am struggling with)

Oh, I assure you that I'm not struggling with any Emacs problem right
now, other than restlessly waiting for Emacs 22 to be released.

We can at least do what we can to prevent that problem from
arising in no-brainer cases such as buff-menu.el.

No comment, as I already said I don't mind this specific case.

It's just common sense. And replacing two em-dash characters
with \u2014 is hardly making "extraordinary efforts".

No. Taking the time to discuss a change that should, in an ideal
world, be unnecessary and even ill-advised, and also the time do think
where to draw the line, is an extraordinary ("beyond what is ordinary
or usual", not "highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable") effort.

It does, however, sometimes seem to take extraordinary efforts
to get the slightest suggestion across to change something, even
something trivial, in the Emacs code.

Your (everybody's) trivial is other people's bad idea, sometimes.

As with all bug reports, it's up to you whether you want to
consider this a bug and, if so, whether you want to fix it,
and how.

I bow to others in that collective "you".


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