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ediff spaces and multifile patches

From: Nikolaj Schumacher
Subject: ediff spaces and multifile patches
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 18:25:52 +0100
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I've noticed two problems with ediff.

* It has a problem with spaces in file names
Ediff mistakes the space for the file name/date separator.  I've changed
it to look for a tab instead, which worked in my case.  But I don't know
if the tab is guaranteed by the diff format and hence whether this is safe
to do.

Incidentally, diff-font-lock-keywords exhibits the same problem

* Applying a patch with relative file names to a directory using
ediff-patch-file will look for the relative file names in the directory of
the patch instead of the to-be-patched directory.  That means, unless
those are equal, ediff will unnecessarily prompt for the path of every

Small patches are attached for both.

Nikolaj Schumacher

Attachment: diff-spaces.patch
Description: spaces patch for diff and ediff

Attachment: ediff-ptch_relative_file_names.patch
Description: relative file name patch for ediff

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