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Buggy src/fontset.c in emacs-unicode-2?

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Buggy src/fontset.c in emacs-unicode-2?
Date: Sun, 6 May 2007 19:47:46 +0200


The Carbon Emacs variant made from this code crashes at certain situation. Gdb points in these cases to fontset related functions. With grep-find I found this discrepancy in src/fontset.c:

        ./src/lisp.h:3274:EXFUN (Fset_fontset_font, 5);
./src/fontset.c:1564:DEFUN ("set-fontset-font", Fset_fontset_font, Sset_fontset_font, 3, 5, 0,
./src/fontset.c:279:static void set_fontset_font P_ ((Lisp_Object, Lisp_Object));
        ./src/fontset.c:1532:set_fontset_font (fontset, range)
./src/fontset.c:1840: Fset_fontset_font (name, script, XCAR (elt), Qnil, Qappend); ./src/fontset.c:1842: Fset_fontset_font (name, script, elt, Qnil, Qappend); ./src/fontset.c:1936: Fset_fontset_font (name, Qlatin, font_spec, Qnil, Qnil); ./src/fontset.c:1937: Fset_fontset_font (name, Qnil, font_spec, Qnil, Qnil);

The ELisp function is described as:

        set-fontset-font is a built-in function in `src/fontset.c'.
        (set-fontset-font name target font-spec &optional frame add)

To me it seems that the function's declaration and definition in C both are incorrect ...



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