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Re: Maximization doesn't work properly on Windows Xp, Emacs

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Re: Maximization doesn't work properly on Windows Xp, Emacs
Date: Sun, 06 May 2007 22:40:52 +0200
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:
Date: Sun, 06 May 2007 21:19:53 +0200
From: "Lennart Borgman (gmail)" <address@hidden>
Cc: address@hidden

The reason for the problem is that the Emacs window (frame) is not really maximized on MS Windows.

That's true, but I'm not sure it's relevant.  Even if Emacs doesn't
really maximize the frame, it does try to keep away of the parts of
the screen taken by the task bar and the other standard decorations.
That it doesn't always succeed means we have a subtle bug.

To find and fix that bug, we need a reliable way of reproducing it.
If Eivind or you can provide such a reliable recipe, we will be on our
way towards fixing the bug.

I thought of that in the beginning, but I believe Windows is beeing fooled by the way Emacs tries to make a semi-maximized window. It may be hard to cure it.

I think it is better to wait for an OK to really maximize the window from Kim and others that are experts on the display engine. The semi-maximized windows have other subtle problems too.

And indeed there are thousands of users who have had the possibilities to use the patch for really maximized windows, but I have no idea how many of those that are using maximized windows. It is hard to believe that no one has done it and there are no bug reports. Eh, or was it one person who had seen the same problem as I have seen? Not sure. (Of course it does not mean more than an indication that there are no big problems.)

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