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Re: No F11 and F12 keys in rxvt terminal

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: No F11 and F12 keys in rxvt terminal
Date: Wed, 09 May 2007 13:42:42 -0400
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>>>>> Running emacs in terminal 'urxvt'ยน, I seem to lose F11 and F12
>>>>> keys. For example F11 behaves the same as F1 and F12 as F2. Is this a
>>>>> known problem?
>>>> Does Emacs use lisp/term/rxvt.el in your case?  If so, please see
>>>> there for a comment around line 95 that talks about this issue.
>>> Does [S-f1] means "Shift + F1"?
>> Yes, it does.  But you didn't answer the question,
> Looks like rxvt is loaded as I noticed a few functions with "rxvt-..".
> However, "Shift + F1" is the same as "F1".

In what sense?  What does C-h l say after you hit S-f1 and what does it say
after you hit f11 ?


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