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longlines-auto-wrap: doc string wrong, or bug?

From: David Reitter
Subject: longlines-auto-wrap: doc string wrong, or bug?
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 18:37:15 +0100

This is in a build from the EMACS_BASE_22 branch:

It appears that `longlines-auto-wrap' as a variable can't be set directly - at least to no effect. I have to explicitly do (longlines- auto-wrap 0) to turn it off.

Is there a reason why this isn't a minor mode so that M-x longlines- auto-wrap would toggle?

I got confused about this because the doc string of `longlines-mode' explicitly mentions the variable rather than the function (and the doc string of the variable doesn't mention it either): "If the variable `longlines-auto-wrap' is non-nil, lines are automatically wrapped whenever the buffer is changed." This way, the doc string is wrong (or this is a genuine bug).

I only figured this out after looking at longlines.el directly. I think that's a bit much to ask from an end user.

I found out about this problem when I did a search-replace for ^J^J -- > ^J to get rid of empty lines in between paragraphs. Unfortunately, this didn't work. Is there a better way to insert a hard newline? I tried to yank the hard newlines directly from the buffer into the minibuffer when doing M-x search-replace, but that didn't work and produced the same effect with longlines-auto-wrap. Is this possible at all?

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