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Re: Carbon: Option-as-Meta Sometimes Inputs Accented Characters

From: Tom Tobin
Subject: Re: Carbon: Option-as-Meta Sometimes Inputs Accented Characters
Date: Sat, 12 May 2007 22:09:25 -0500

On 5/12/07, YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu <address@hidden> wrote:
>>>>> On Sat, 12 May 2007 13:46:50 -0500, "Tom Tobin" <address@hidden> said:
> Yes, I can reproduce it with a Carbon GNU Emacs build.  The bug
> happens whenever any two Meta keys, each bound to scroll commands,
> are pressed and held down in alternation (e.g., bind M-n to
> scroll-up, and then alternate in a buffer spanning several
> screen-lengths between holding down M-n for a second or two, then
> M-v for a second or two, then M-n again, etc.; you will see the √
> character inserted into the buffer for M-v, and the dead-key symbol
> inserted for M-n.).  The issue is definitely not specific to dead
> keys.

Still I can't reproduce it on a Carbon build with my previous patch,
which is only for the dead-key cases.  Could you show a concrete
procedure starting from ".../Emacs.app/Contents/MacOS/Emacs -Q"?  What
I tried was:

  1) /Applications/Emacs.app/Contents/MacOS/Emacs -Q
  2) Evaluate (setq mac-option-modifier 'meta) and
     (global-set-key "\M-n" 'scroll-up) in *scratch*.
  3) C-h n to show Emacs News.
  4) Hold down Option-n for a second or two, then Option-v for a
     second or two, then Option-n again, etc.

I'm using Mac OS X 10.4.9, PowerBook G4, US keyboard layout.

Also, to make sure, please try some case that does not involve any

Running exactly your test case, I can't get M-v to insert √ because
the news is a read-only buffer and Emacs complains.  If I instead fill
up *scratch* with garbage for a few screenfuls and otherwise duplicate
your steps in *scratch*, I can indeed see √ inserted from M-v.

It does appear I was half-wrong about the dead keys; I *can* get
non-dead-key characters to insert into the buffer, but only if one of
the keys used in the scrolling *is* a dead-key (i.e., I can insert √
on M-v if I have M-n bound to scroll-up and alternate between the
two).  Your patch is probably the correct solution, as it ultimately
does seem to be a result of the dead-key not being caught.

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