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flyspell-correct-word-before-point errs in terminal

From: Leo
Subject: flyspell-correct-word-before-point errs in terminal
Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 19:30:13 +0100
User-agent: No Gnus v0.7, Emacs/ (2007-05-18), Fedora 6.93 gnu/linux

Hi all,

The error message when invoking flyspell-correct-word-before-point in an
emacs running in terminal is not clear.

| Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument number-or-marker-p
| nil) flyspell-emacs-popup(nil ("musick" 1 ("mu sick" "mu-sick" "music"
| "musk" "musics" "misc" "musical" "musky" "Mick" "Mosaic" "mick"
| "mosaic" "muck" "musicked" "muskie" "sick" "music's" "masc" "mask"
| "muskier" "Muzak" "muzak") nil) "musick")
| flyspell-correct-word-before-point()
| call-interactively(flyspell-correct-word-before-point)

BTW, should this function be made to work in terminal?

Leo <sdl.web AT gmail.com>                         (GPG Key: 9283AA3F)

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