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Re: Elisp manual doc of `fontified' property

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Elisp manual doc of `fontified' property
Date: Wed, 30 May 2007 19:17:31 -0400
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> The doc says this:
> `fontified'
>      This property says whether the character has a face assigned to it
>      by font locking.  The display engine tests it to decide whether a
>      buffer portion needs refontifying before display.  *Note Auto
>      Faces::.  It takes one of three values:

>     `nil'
>           Font locking is disabled, or the character's `face' property,
>           if any, is invalid.

>     `defer'
>           This value is only used when "just in time" font locking is
>           enabled and it means that the character's `face' property is
>           invalid and needs deferred fontification.

>     `t'
>           The character's `face' property, or absence of one, is valid.

This doesn't describe "the `fontified' property" but "the way the
`fontified' property is used by jit-lock".  It is thus wrong when jit-lock
is not in use.

I think it should instead say something like:

     This property says whether the text is ready for display.  If nil,
     Emacs's redisplay routine will call the `fontification-function' (which
     see) to prepare this part of the buffer before it is displayed.
     This is used internally by jit-lock.

The manual also needs updating w.r.t fontification-function since it says
that this var is used for font-lock, whereas it's used for jit-lock.


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