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Re: Info pages opened with an incorrect coding system

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Info pages opened with an incorrect coding system
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2007 18:23:28 -0400

    > On the other hand, we might also want to fix a coding system
    > for Info files, so that their handling will not depend on the locale.

    How?  Do you mean to encode Info files in UTF-8 or some such?

I mean, for some specific coding system.  UTF-8 might be a good choice,
but not necessarily the best.

    would not work well with the stand-alone Info reader, which is a
    text-mode program and thus limited to the character set supported by
    the underlying text terminal.

It is pure luck if an Info file was generated for the same character
set that your terminal supports.

Thus, we can't expect good results from the stand-alone Info reader
unless it understands coding systems to some extent.  But if we use
the same coding system for all Info files, at least the stand-alone
Info reader only needs to understand that one coding system.

    Personally, I think preferring locale-specific encoding is TRT, since
    most of the installed manuals that use non-ASCII characters are more
    likely to use that than anything else.

No, they will use a whole range of coding systems, on your machine,
on my machine, and on anybody's machine.

That is not a solution.

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