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On startup contents get inserted into buffer on x86_64

From: Stephan Peijnik
Subject: On startup contents get inserted into buffer on x86_64
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 23:21:30 +0200
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I just came across a problem in the CVS version of GNU Emacs.

When starting my copy of Emacs which I just fetched from CVS contents
get inserted into the active buffer.

The problem does not only seem to exist when starting Emacs without
passing a filename on the commandline but also when doing so, for new and
existing files.

I am using GNU Emacs on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.
Options passed to 'configure' were '--without-x and --prefix=$HOME'.

Also, this problem does not exist with GNU Emacs 22.1 on the same machine.

As I am experiencing this problem on fencepost anyone with access
to fp.gnu.org should be able to reproduce the problem.

A quick test on another machine running i686-pc-linux-gnu didn't result
in the same problem so I suspect it might be architecture related.

The exact content being inserted into the buffer is "1;1601;0c" and seems
to be the same everytime I invoke Emacs. Also, the content gets inserted
at the beginning of the buffer.



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