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new snapshot available: grep-3.7.98-c9ac

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: new snapshot available: grep-3.7.98-c9ac
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2022 15:06:36 -0700

There have been significant changes since the last snapshot,
so it's worthwhile to make one more before release.
Please try this where you can, to help ensure it works
at least as well as the preceding snapshot.

Thanks to Paul for doing so much of the work.


grep snapshot:      1.7 MB

Here's the upcoming NEWS:

** Changes in behavior

  The -P option is now based on PCRE2 instead of the older PCRE,
  thanks to code contributed by Carlo Arenas.

  The egrep and fgrep commands, which have been deprecated since
  release 2.5.3 (2007), now warn that they are obsolescent and should
  be replaced by grep -E and grep -F.

  The confusing GREP_COLOR environment variable is now obsolescent.
  Instead of GREP_COLOR='xxx', use GREP_COLORS='mt=xxx'.  grep now
  warns if GREP_COLOR is used and is not overridden by GREP_COLORS.
  Also, grep now treats GREP_COLOR like GREP_COLORS by silently
  ignoring it if it attempts to inject ANSI terminal escapes.

  Regular expressions with stray backslashes now cause warnings, as
  their unspecified behavior can lead to unexpected results.
  For example, '\a' and 'a' are not always equivalent
  <>.  Similarly, regular expressions or
  subexpressions that start with a repetition operator now also cause
  warnings due to their unspecified behavior; for example, *a(+b|{1}c)
  now has three reasons to warn.  The warnings are intended as a
  transition aid; they are likely to be errors in future releases.

  Regular expressions like [:space:] are now errors even if
  POSIXLY_CORRECT is set, since POSIX now allows the GNU behavior.

** Bug fixes

  In locales using UTF-8 encoding, the regular expression '.' no
  longer sometimes fails to match Unicode characters U+D400 through
  U+D7FF (some Hangul Syllables, and Hangul Jamo Extended-B) and
  Unicode characters U+108000 through U+10FFFF (half of Supplemental
  Private Use Area plane B).
  [bug introduced in grep 3.4]

  The -s option no longer suppresses "binary file matches" messages.
  [Bug#51860 introduced in grep 3.5]

** Documentation improvements

  The manual now covers unspecified behavior in patterns like \x, (+),
  and range expressions outside the POSIX locale.

Changes in grep since 3.7.62-9a668:

Jim Meyering (9):
      build: sync from gnulib
      maint: po/ add src/dfasearch.c to avoid syntax-check failure
      maint: include fdl.texi in version control, per gnulib module advice
      tests: placate syntax-check's sorted-test rule
      maint: stop using obsolete iswctype gnulib module
      build: update gnulib to latest
      build: add parentheses to placate clang-14
      maint: remove reference to gnulib module, alloca
      build: update gnulib to latest

Paul Eggert (28):
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      grep: fix bug with . and some Hangul Syllables
      maint: spelling fixes
      grep: document -m better
      tests: improve tests of ‘.’
      doc: omit -y from grep man page
      tests: make spencer1.tests more POSIX-compliant
      grep: assume POSIX.1-2017 for [:space:]
      doc: document regex corner cases better
      build: be more careful about Perl
      tests: port to platforms lacking Perl
      doc: document regex corner cases better
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      grep: warn about stray backslashes
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      grep: warn about ‘(+x)’ etc.
      maint: fix typo in bug number
      grep: deprecate GREP_COLOR
      tests: new test color-colors
      grep: document --color[=WHEN] more carefully
      grep: sanity-check GREP_COLOR
      maint: spelling fixes
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      build: update bootstrap to gnulib latest
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      doc: document \] and \}
      grep: don’t diagnose "grep '\-c'"
      grep: fix regex compilation memory leaks

Changes in gnulib since 3.7.62-9a668:

* gnulib c8b8f3bbcd...fc555c0a4b (57):
  > fix syntax-check for unnecessary hash.h header use
  > fchmodat: Fix test failure on native Windows.
  > chmod: Add tests.
  > chmod: New module.
  > lchmod: Simplify.
  > javacomp-script, javaexec-script: Add support for disabling Java.
  > lchmod: port back to AIX 7.2
  > fchmodat: pacify gcc -Wunused-variable
  > getlogin, getlogin_r tests: Really avoid test failure.
  > fchmodat: port better to MS-Windows etc.
  > doc: Update O_PATH platforms list.
  > fcntl: document O_PATH
  > fchmodat: port to old Linux kernel + newer headers
  > fopen-gnu: Make this module work again (regression 2022-01-03).
  > getlogin, getlogin_r tests: Avoid test failure in specific environments.
  > doc: Add section to attract more people towards the GNU project.
  > doc: Add section to attract more people towards the GNU project.
  > doc: Fix warnings about regex chapter structure (regression 2022-05-15).
  > regex-quote: \} -> } in EREs
  > dfa: do not warn about \] and \}
  > regex-quote: \] -> ] in EREs and BREs
  > filevercmp: don’t treat entire filename as suffix
  > setlocale: Update after Turkey changed its name.
  > autoupdate
  > GNU Emacs Operator node deleted from regex.texi
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > dfa: new options DFA_STAR_WARN, DFA_PLUS_WARN
  > dfa: '\n' is not governed by RE_LIMITED_OPS
  > dfa: new option DFA_STRAY_BACKSLASH_WARN
  > strstr-simple: pacify GCC 12.1
  > dfa: steer cleer of POSIX-reserved symbols
  > autoupdate
  > parse-datetime: support 'J' military time zone
  > doc: remove Emacs-specific documentation; match code
  > string, wchar: Fix compilation error on MSVC (regression 2021-09-07).
  > glob tests: Fix a warning (regression from 2022-03-23).
  > termcap: Fix link error when no suitable library is found.
  > dfa: fix bug with ‘.’ and UTF-8 Hangul Syllables
  > manywarnings: update C warnings for GCC 12
  > parse-datetime: remove Emacs cruft
  > alloca: Remove old code for Emacs, unused since 2009.
  > Say that it is not the old interface
  > autoupdate
  > libc-config: update to match cdefs
  > cdefs: merge from glibc
  > gettime-res: help the compiler
  > af_alg: port to Ubuntu 22.04
  > vasnprintf: Simplify. Reduce binary code size.
  > vasnprintf: Simplify 'result' variable.
  > vasnprintf: Simplify a free() call.
  > string: Avoid syntax error on glibc systems with GCC 11.
  > stdlib: Fix error in C++ mode on glibc systems (regr. 2022-04-13).
  > glob: improve config and test cleanup
  > Fix ChangeLog typo
  > glob: port to NetBSD 9.2

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