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[Groff] Re: What's missing for Unicode support of groff?

From: Michail Vidiassov
Subject: [Groff] Re: What's missing for Unicode support of groff?
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 16:15:13 +0300

Dear Werner,

I have tested unicode support in groff and stepped over a bug (IMHO).
1. I have converted a font MyriadPro-Regular from Acrobat Reader 7
to pfa+afm by fontforge and afm to groff font description by afmtodit.
Font is named MPR, encoded with groff encoding and set to be downloaded by groff.
2. when I typeset the following
 comes out fine, but when the order of lines is changed someglyphs appearas 
crssed box (undefined glyph?) 
 with groff 1.9.2, ghostscript and HP LaserJet 1300.Test case is at Some other bugs:afmtodit needs a 
patch, since we do not encode variant glyphs with ps namessmth.smth,but they 
may be present in kerning tables.BTW, why not to encode them as, say, 
uXXXX.capgrops(1) tells A downloadable font should not include  its  own name 
in a%%DocumentSuppliedResources comment.But the FreeEuro font does not follow 
this convention.             Sincerely, MichailPS. Have you started to work on 
real Uicode input?!
Context:you wrote  September 08, 2005 7:56 PMSubject: Re: What's missing for Unicode support of groff?>> > What exactly do you mean?  Converting UTF-8 to, say, latin-1 with>> > `iconv' is 
already a quick-and-dirty solution.  Another>> > possibility is to take a groff UTF8 font definition file and put>> > all Unicode->glyph entities into a big perl (or python) 
table.>>>> I mean that you had an idea to use a small filter to>> # Convert input in UTF8 encoding to something groff 1.19 or greater>> # can understand.  It simply converts all Unicode 
values >= U+0080>> # to the form \[uXXXX].>> You posted  "a small perl script which does that">> (,>> that was 
later rewritten in C>> (>> That seems to be a way to let people start to convert documents>> in latin or cyrillic encodings, if 
they want to move to UTF-only>> environment.>> Indeed.  It might be a good i!
dea to put such stuff into the `contrib'> directory of http://groff.ff  Do you volunteer to provide> documentation, examples, etc., to make those 
scripts/programs really> useful?>> I hesitate to put it into the groff distribution 
directly.  Now 1.19.2> is out, and work on real UTF8 input could start.>

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