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[Groff] how to disable page breaks using nroff.

From: mike . burns
Subject: [Groff] how to disable page breaks using nroff.
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 16:39:46 -0600

I currently have a report using the ms macro package that can be processed
with -Tascci or -Tps. 
I'm trying to remove all the page breaks from the ascii version so that the
report just shows up as one long page.

Any hints on how to do this?

I see that the man package has an 'rC' register that controls this behavior,
but a brief look at the man macros informed me that it would take more than
a brief look at the man macros to figure out how it worked. 

I currently detect if nroff is running, and if so, set the page length to a
very long value, stripping off the newlines after the report runs.  I was
just hoping for a more elegant solution.

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